Services Offered


Targeted, Short-term Individual Psychotherapy

Suited for those who; for example,

· need a boost to their current & mostly adaptive coping skills

· have a specific behavior they would like to change


Standard or Traditional Individual Psychotherapy

Suited for those who; for example,

· need to work through & heal from experiences, emotions, thoughts, and/or behaviors that cause distress and/or interfere with daily life

· would like to prevent mental health symptoms from worsening or appearing after suffering a trauma, loss, health issue, or life stressor

· have a chronic illness that requires consistent maintenance


I provide consultations for mental health and health providers, wellness providers and educators. 


About My Practice


~ Psychotherapy ~

At my private practice I provide individual psychotherapy to adults aged 18 years-of-age and older.  I enjoy working with a wide range of mental health issues and illnesses, and I especially enjoy working with victims of trauma, with those struggling with chronic medical diagnosis(es) and with those struggling with grief and loss. Trauma can be both physical and psychological, can result from violence or non-violence, and can be acquired from medical issues or other common experiences. I work with all types of trauma, no matter how complex or when it occurred. When working with those with a chronic medical illness who are struggling to lead a life that resembles a life they recognize, I will often incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into our work. ACT is a cognitive behavior therapy approach which helps us learn to stop mentally fighting against what we may be unable to change, despite our pain and suffering, and instead lead a life guided by what we value most. 

Here Is A List of Mental Health Issues I Work With

Trauma & PTSD

Chronic Medical or Mental Illness

Grief & Loss

Chronic Pain

Depression & Mood Disorders


Personality Disorders

Thought Disorders

Coping Skills


Anger Issues

Self-Esteem Issues

Relational & Relationship Issues 

My Mission

My Approach To Your Treatment

When working with you, I develop a conceptualization of who you are and of your struggles using integrative cognitive behavior approaches informed by a psychodymanic perspective.  What this means is I observe and evaluate your emotions, thoughts, experiences, and actions to identify how these perpetuate one another and influence you, while taking into account your personal history, personality, approach to work, interpersonal relations and your views of others and of the world.  This process takes place over the course of several sessions, and is ever evolving and enriched with our continued work together.  This approach assists me to understand you better so that I may help you successfully reach your therapeutic goals. 

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